What is KEBOT?

The KE-Bot, the newest FUE innovation by Dr. Koray Erdogan, is an advanced robotic 360-degree circular scanning system that evaluates all aspects of hair transplantation through high definition photography that provides 3-D scalp modeling and data collection from every angle. This includes the pre-surgical determination of each hair’s caliber and density in the donor area, and overall donor capacity thereby assisting the surgeon to obtain extremely accurate extraction site calculations with potential transection rates. Additionally, the KE-Bot calculates Coverage Value (an important calculation also developed by Dr. Erdogan) affecting both the donor and recipient areas to insure adequate homogenization and density without overharvesting while taking into consideration normal hair loss with aging.

Donor Management by Ke-Bot and Ke-Bot Mobile


Dr. Koray Erdoğan, Coverage Value and KE-bot, 5th Latin American Fue Workshop - Argentina 2019